SGA 101: Recap on SGA’s First Student Body Meeting

This afternoon, members of Xavier University of Louisiana’s Student Government Association hosted their first student body meeting in the University Center ballroom and discussed upcoming events, homecoming, and most current, the freshman elections. Every student that pays the activity fee has the right to vote because all Xavier students are a member of SGA. To clarify, the Executive Board members are elected servant leaders that represent the students when communicating to administration and other parties as SGA as a whole works to be a voice for all students on campus. Those E-board, or class officer positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Senators, and lastly, Mr. and Ms. Xavier. The positions for classes are, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Senators Mr. and Ms.(classification).


The time has finally come to start the race for the freshman elections!

Students campaigning should refer to the SGA handbook to make sure they are accurately completing tasks and fulfilling the requirements for smooth campaigning process. SGA made it a point to address and inform candidates on these important dates:


August 8th: Preliminary Candidate List

August 27th: Petitions Distributed (until 5pm) UC 316R

August 28th: Campaign Manager Letter of Intent (by 12pm) UC 316R

September 4th: Calendar of Events and Candidate Platform due (by 5pm) UC 316R

September 9th-September 11th: Campaigning (9am Monday and ends 4pm Wednesday

September 11th: Class Officer Forum (6pm) Admin Auditorium  

September 11th-September 13th: Voting (begins  at 10am Thursday ends at 4pm Friday)

September 13th: Official Posting of Results (5pm)


 Members of SGA (which everyone are), can exercise their first amendment rights and or concerns by attending student body or town hall meetings, campus events, and even senate meetings. The upcoming senate meetings are from 6pm-9pm in the UC room 201 on the following dates:


September 3rd

September 17th

October 1st

October 29th


Homecoming, is thee event of the fall semester and SGA has decided to let Xavierites know the date early this year. Homecoming week will kick off on November 2nd and conclude on November 9th. The theme has yet to be decided and will most likely be revealed at the annual Homecoming Release Event (contact SGA with ideas!). The next student body meeting will be held in early September and utilizing websites such as Xconnect (which is though campus labs) will connect students to all things Xavier, including organizations and events. If any ideas, questions, or concerns arise on campus, SGA encourages all members of Xavier to reach out via their contact information below:


SGA President: Myles Bartholomew

SGA Vice president: Kensley Villavasso

SGA Treasurer: Shannen Lawson

SGA Secretary: Ja’Che Malone

Ms. Xavier: Hailey Armstrong

Mr. Xavier: Malik Frazier

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