A Life, a Legend, and a Legacy: Mrs. Nancy Parker Boyd

From anyone who has ever known her, met her, or even accidentally ran into her, Ms. Nancy Parker was beloved by everyone. This message was made overly clear at her ceremony where hundreds of people came to mourn her. Ms. Nancy Parker died in a plane crash in mid-August, but it is not in how she died nor how and where she was born that has made her such a treasure to the state of Louisiana. A very famous poem once read that you can measure the life of a person by the dash that lies between the day that the person was born and when they died because that is where they truly lived. 


Nancy Parker was a journalist the minute that she flashed that brilliant smile and southern charm to the world. There is no other way to describe her style of anchoring but than to say that she had what every person on television hopes to have. She had it. From seventeen years old, she was a journalist. Nancy’s co-host said multiple times during her going home ceremony that she had to be in the hospital before she would call into work. She was brilliant and kind. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe who Nancy Parker was and what her legacy will mean for the children of New Orleans. 


I have met Nancy once, that I can remember, in my entire life. I was volunteering with St. Jude hospital for a fundraiser that they were doing in downtown New Orleans, and my job was to stand at the entrance and hand out the official pins to all the guests. I watched as she walked up to the picturesque backdrop and I couldn’t help but stare. I remember watching her on the Fox 8 News growing up and thinking, “Wow! A black woman on T.V.” It might seem trivial now because there is so much widespread representation on television, but something about her struck home to me when I was younger. I would love tuning in to hear her talk. When she walked up to me, my jaw was hanging open, and the words I wanted to say seemed to be stuck in my throat. I looked up to a beautiful human being all my life, and here she was in front of me. I will never forget how incredibly kind she was and patient she was as I frantically gathered my thoughts enough to ask her for a picture. I will always remember that night because of her. 


Nancy Parker was more than a news reporter, more than a wife, and more than a mother to her children. Nancy Parker is the inspiration for many black and brown young girls like me. Although she is no longer on this Earth with us, and it is heartbreaking, the love that she has shared, the lives that she has created, the representation that she has given, the books that she has written will live on beyond her. This article isn’t about the life of Nancy Parker because a Google search can tell you anything you want about the life of  Mrs. Nancy Parker Boyd. This article was to say what a Google search cannot, and that is that she was kind, loving, inspirational, dedicated, and hard-working. The Nancy Parker that we have met in this life has gone home, but we know that her spirit is looking down on us as she takes notes for her next report.


To the friend

To the mother

To the wife

To the coworker

To the inspiration


We say our last goodbyes to Nancy Parker Boyd as she returns home to the Lord.

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