Xavier Alumni Return to Campus as Apart of The Youth Motivational Task Force

“Impact. Inspire. Motivate”

Xavier Alumni filled the campus for the Youth Motivational Task Force Summit to network with students on Monday Feb 25, 2019. The YMTF program has been held annually on HBCU campuses for over 40 years. The purpose of the YMTF program is to expose students to role models who can talk about the realities of the workplace and provide advice and encouragement to help students fulfill their dreams. Alumni talked with currents students about their college experience, informed students on their past and current careers, and provided students with life tips. Alumni also gave students “real talk” on how to navigate the corporate scene as a black professional.

Bobby Major, Brian Johnson, and Blair Dottin-Haley came and spoke to students in Monica Pierre’s radio/television announcing class. They each shared industry advice and gave highlights on their careers.


“Everyone is competing. If you’re sleeping someone else will step in. Constantly learn and understand the craft you are in.”

Mr. Major graduated from Xavier in 1992 as an accounting major. He began in banking and has worked there for 24 years. He started in credit administration and now is the compliance officer for Liberty Mutual Bank. His day consists of making sure individuals at the bank are following the rules and regulations of banking. He focuses on implementing regulations within the banking system. He also accesses risk for consumers and people applying for business loans. He believes it’s important for students to be conscientious about own personal finances. He further believes it is important to understand your spending power, your ability to borrow, and the importance of saving.


“If you are consistent and never forget where you started, you will be successful. No one is going to knock on your door; you must go after your dreams.”

Mr. Johnson graduated from Xavier in 2002 as a mass communication major. He is currently the vice president of communications at ADP (Automatic Data Processing, Inc.). This is a global company that does everything in the human resources outsourcing space. This can range from recruitment to retirement. In his undergraduate years, he was a very aggressive student. While at Xavier he wrote for the Xavier Herald, was involved in XUTV, and interned and worked at WDSU in New Orleans, just to name a few. In his career he has an myriad of experiences. He has interviewed Coretta Scott King, Pattie Labelle, and has even worked in Switzerland.


“The life that is being prepared for you right now is bigger than your imagination.”

Mr. Dottin-Haley graduated from Xavier in 2002 as a political science major. He has worked in politics, education, and entertainment. He is now an entrepreneur who has started his own clothing and apparel brand. He believes in building your own network. Dottin-Haley believes that one of the most valuable things a professional can have is who you can get to answer the phone and who you have in your network. Entering the work force comes with certain expectations, but what you bring on top of that is what makes a person special.


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