XAB Holds Black History Month Event ” THINK FAST”

Think fast, an event hosted by the Xavier Activities Board (XAB) in order to celebrate Black History Month proved to an interactive, fun, and educating experience even before the game officially began. By 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 11, 2019, the invite was filled with lively bodies and black history. The room was dark but the glow on the faces of the people genuinely excited to be there could not be dimmed. There was dancing, singing, and lip-sync battles that led to an overall experience dripping black boy joy and melanin.

Filled with the classics of the R & B that we all have grown up on with to mixes of modern hip-hop there was never a quiet moment. Overall the vibe going through the room was filled with constant excitement not only from the host and those who participated but also those who stopped by to speculate. The topics asked during the event ranged from music to the Civil Rights Movement to African American art and literature.  

Four contestants competed for the prize money of $200 in a buzzer filled competition that soon turned rather enthusiastic. The announcer couldn’t resist stating that he is in a room filled with a bunch of kindergarten children when there was a little debacle about whether the buzzers being used in the competition were malfunctioning.

The winner of the contest and the $200 prize was none other than Malik Frazier the reigning champion from last year. The real question for next year is if Malik will be able to keep his winning streak going and what new facts we are going to learn about our people.

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