How I Survived the Freshman 15

The freshman 15 is the theory that most freshmen college students tend to gain an average of 15 pounds their first year. The freshman fifteen is the subject that looms into every starting freshman’s mind. It is something that we are constantly warned about from the time we exit high school until well into our first semester. The idea of the stress, frustration, and lack of sleep being physically attached to us tends to make us stress more about it. I was one of the lucky ones to not fall into the perilous clutches of the freshman fifteen however many were not as fortunate. What I find important to remember when discussing the freshman fifteen is that the rapid weight gain is not a fault of an individual’s own. It is the manifestation and accumulation of the hard work and dedication that we put into our grades to reach the high status of aspirations that we have in life. In order to avoid the freshman fifteen for incoming freshmen or to lose the freshman fifteen for those of us who have fallen victim to it, it is important to remember that weight gains stem from not only from what you feed your body but also what you feed your soul and mind as well.

Always remember that when you receive marks on a paper that were less than what you were expecting, that you are not those grades, therefore, you do not have to drown in your troubles.When I think about when I first heard about the freshman fifteen I did everything in my power to make sure that I never slipped down that path because I was already filled with insecurity. Being in college, however, I have learned that the human body and especially the woman’s form is beautiful, delicate, and worthy of respect no matter how much someone may weigh. Whether you gain the freshman 15 or not, it does not make anyone more or less of a person. We are all just students gathered together trying to make a better version of ourselves and the world around us. Do not let the opinions of others about anything especially weight gain deteriorate the way that you view yourself in the mirror. Therefore, I don’t really have an opinion of the Freshman fifteen other than that you are worth it, beautiful, and valuable as a person despite what the number on the scale might say.

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