What to Do and What Not to Do During Homecoming Season

Xavier students want to make sure they have fun during this year’s Astroworld themed Homecoming week and stay safe while doing it. They are concerned about several things. Their grades, homecoming activities, and night-time crime on campus. As it goes for an HBCU Homecomings, people who don’t attend Xavier will flock to its campus. This includes alumni but it also includes randoms. Here are some do’s and don’ts for this year’s homecoming season.

What to Do:

If you see something, say something

People use homecoming as an excuse to act a plum fool. Sometimes their behavior can be detrimental to others. Sophomore FIRST LAST says “Whatever happens at homecoming, stays at homecoming.” However, some seemingly reckless moment at a part for one may mean emotional scars for someone else. If a situation gets dangerous, say something.

Dress Appropriately for each event

This considers safety in that you won’t be out here looking crazy. If you’re going to the Boatride, denim shorts and a crop top won’t cut it. Try a black dress. If you’re going to the Celebration on the Yard on Friday at noon, there’s no reason to wear an evening gown.

Be Open to Attending Events

Not everyone is going to be happy about what’s in store for homecoming. You can’t please everyone. However, try not to go into situations thinking the worst will happen. What’s in store might surprise you.

What Not to Do:

Walk alone

Sadly we have to put emphasis on protective measures rather than holding problematic people accountable. Sophomore Political Science major Yasmine Spears says, “if y’all came with each other, leave with each other.” In order to avoid being cornered, try to travel in groups.

Put your drink down

You never know what random low-life is at a party. Let this article be your grandmama telling you to never look away from your drink.

Act too cute to have fun

Homecoming probably won’t be an opportunity to mosh but nonetheless, homecoming is a time to have fun. Take your little pictures for Instagram but don’t be afraid to sweat.

Take anything too seriously

Of course you should probably be concerned about making one bad decision that can follow you for the rest of your life, but as long as no one is hurt it doesn’t really matter. Let homecoming be a time to decompress before finals.

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